dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Cranky's idealistic side.....

It would be somewhat inaccurate to state that Crankshaft has completely soured on the world; after all, his many failed attempts at being a handyman stem for a legitimate desire to help the people around him. The problem, of course, is that his mind is starting to go on him; that's because the malapropisms that came from his lack of education are slowly but surely blending in with the sort of word salad symptomatic of dementia. This means that his handy little gadgets always seem to fail. His ignorance and lack of foresight also helped make his attempt to help a group of students called the Rough Riders become something of a failure; that's because he finally got around to investing the money he'd put aside to pay their scholarships, Cranky put his trust in Batiuk's lightly-fictionalized version of a sharp looking fellow called Bernie Madoff. About the only thing he's done to help that hasn't collapsed required the assistance of a Magical Negro to make it succeed so it's not much of a surprise that he's somewhat peeved.
Tags: cranky

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