dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jim and Iris and the assisted living iceflow.

This week's strip is a reminder of the smug, short-sighted hatefulness that seems to define the Patterson family in the Declining Years of the strip. Aside from April, Jim seems to be cut off from his daughter's family. The excuse they all bleat is a variation on the theme "There's not enough time!". As Walt Kelly said before he went nuts and turned 'Pogo' into a refugee from the op-ed page, there's plenty of time providing you don't waste it. Wasting time on follies, however, is their stock in trade. John has spent the last seven months in his damned tool-shed preparing to unleash the Housening on his family to do anythiong other than put in a token appearance while Elly, having projected her own fears of helplessness and abandonment onto her father, forces him to live out her nightmare because she's ashamed of him for becoming weak. Liz, as you recall, is too busy destroying her chances at anything resembling happiness and finding people to blames her idicy on to show. Why is Mike a rare bird at the Home? It's because Deanna subtly discourages his visits is why. After all, Meredith and Robin might ask if they can come with and that would simply never do. Sure, she says she's worried about his health but we all know she's worried they might say, do or ask something that could raise questions the Patterclods aren't willing to face. Since Mike knows who's really in chage in his family, he meekly says 'Yes, Dear' and leaves Jim to rot. The sad, and by sad I mean disgusting, thing is that when Jim finally does pass on (like they all secretly hope he will), we'll have to endure a bunch of hollering about lost opportunities.
Tags: chinnuts, foobs vs common decency

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