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Fooby Interlude.

Before I get to John Darling and how Batiuk pretty much pulled the same stunt Jim Davis did when he had someone, possibly Jon Arbuckle, step on Gnorm the Gnat so as to execute the lead character of a failed creative endeavor for his inability to catch on, it has come to my attention that I am not, after all, done with the Pattersons. There are a few left-overs from the Foob deli counter that need to be used before they go bad so here goes.

The first thing that I've noticed is that Elly loves to think that John doesn't want her to do certain things even though he never said that she couldn't. As by way of example, it would probably astonish him to learn that he was some sort of cheap, heartless ogre who stood there and told Elly "You can't have an electric can opener ever because I'm the boss of everyone"; it would especially bother him coming on the heels of being told that he "really" meant that she couldn't go out on her own at night when he said "How come you get to keep track of my comings and goings like I'm a prisoner when you stand there screaming about how I'm trying to chain you to the stove when I only asked why you didn't phone and tell me when you'd be home?"

The second thing is that there were a lot of strips that had alluded as to how Christopher Nichols was "meant" to be Lizzie's Twoo Wuv; time and again, we saw that her teal and lavender fantasies rotated around The Boy Next Door. Sadly, Christopher had to disappear into the mist because Lynn walled his family off from view in order to not deal with her first failed marriage; her solution was to create what they call a 'Jonas Quinn' to replace Chris. What she did was take Chris, slap glasses and freckles on him and call him Anthony.

Lastly, I can readily see that Lynn will never really make any sort of announcement about the end of the new-run era; this is because we can look forward to a lot of new strips on Sundays and ineptly-modernized reprints during the week. We can call this time period the Delocalized Years.
Tags: anne achronism, blandthony, jelly vs jstf, lynn: failed creator

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