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Legacy Man: Ces Marciuliano

The most interesting thing of all about Tom Batiuk is that he thinks that he's doing the public a favor by doing the weird things he does; I figured that out when Suicide Girl delivered her little motive rant about how the public at large was better served by being made more uncomfortable than having a bit of relief from their worries. This also explains why he killed John Darling; Batiuk honestly believed that he was doing good by rendering Darling character unusable. This is because he remembered other strips that got taken away from their creators by the syndicate and suffer a perceived decline in quality. This strikes me as being an unfair condemnation of subject of next phase of blog: Francesco 'Ces' Marciuliano, the current writer of the comic strip Sally Forth. The reason it seems unfair is because Ces is the creator's hand-picked successor. As such, he knows to keep the characters in character as Macintosh established them. It should also be noted that since he has a more sarcastic personality than Batiuk, he posts entries in his webcomic Medium Large that make light of his adoptive stable of characters. The most interesting example of that was one in which Ted was 'revealed' to be a subordinate of Tony Soprano.
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