dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Hilary Forth: Bunny Ears Defender.....

The third personality in your standard dom-com is the sarcastic child whose function is to deliver ironic commentary on her parent's foibles; Hilary seems to have that job but, as I've said before, looks can be deceiving. We start off with the fact that Sally barely seems to know who and what Hilary is at all; since she isn't balancing her career and homelife nearly as well as she'd like to believe, it falls to Ted to be the one who understands what's really going on in her life. Also, since Sally isn't nearly as mature and responsible as she pretends to be, she engages in an annual battle of wits with Hilary over who gets to bite the ears off of her chocolate Easter bunny. The thing Ces did is he took a quirky sitcom device and used it as a means of shining a light inside Sally's head; that's because he revealed why she started doing it in the first place. It seems that when Hilary was about four or five, Ted bet Sally five bucks that she wouldn't be able to do it; since she didn't get that he was expecting that she'd simply hand him the fin because that would be beyond the pale, it became an irritating tradition as well as a reminder that growing up as the 'adult' in a dysfunctional family had deformed Sally's personality.
Tags: execudroid

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