dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Again with the iceflow: Jim and Iris

Yesterday's post assumes that Iris has any immediate use for the Patterson family. Like a lot of people her age, she might prefer to trudge by on her own than have the Patterclods barge in and muck things up. As much as she'd like to see her husband's great-grandkids, she knows that nobody that matters in the Pattermanse has the sense to look after them properly. Hearing about them from a reasonably objective witness (April) will have to do for now. Besides, wiser minds than mine have pointed out that a little of the Foobs goes a long, long way so their absence might not be mourned. I'll just bet there've been days where Jim was making REAL progress when Elly showed up and set him back a bunch of steps by moaning about her poor brain-dead Dad. As for John, Mike and Liz, she'd probably sooner chew on tin-foil than deal with those creeps. As for Jim, he's had nothing to do but think so he's pretty much on the same page as his lady wife. The only good thing I see is that she now realizes this.
Tags: chinnuts, iris

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