dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Forths as others see them......

As we all know, the sort of sitcom character that Sally is meant to represent is usually thought of as the most sensible person in her neighborhood; I've watched enough American sitcoms to know that the Way-too-hot-for-her-husband, Put-upon Wife is more or less the center of the universe. Ces has, as always, subverted that as well; that's because aside from Alice (who's the Connie to her Elly), most people in the strip regard Sally and Ted as unsuitable company. Given that Ted was at one point relieved of duty as a Little League coach owing to his being one bobbled catch away from a fit of violent rage, people are more or less frightened of the grinning weirdo babbling about Star Wars; what's even more interesting is that they correctly identify Sally as the reason for the volcanic rage they dread. That's because they see her as an unapproachable, infuriating and tactless know-nothing know-it-all who'd rather smirk and bully than parent. Not for nothing do Hilary's friends refer to her parents as high-functioning lunatics.
Tags: execudroid

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