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Arlo: a character study....

To understand the strip Arlo and Janis, we have to understand the male and female leads; to do so, I'll go in alphabetical order. Even though Johnson doesn't seem to have bothered assigning him a last name, it's at least been established that he's an office worker of some vague description in his late forties who lives in some urban center in the south-eastern part of the country; it's south of the Mason-Dixon line but not so far south that he doesn't have to contend with the occasional snowy winter day. Another thing we know about him is that he questions the need for the rapid change that overwhelms him; he once said that he felt he was on a treadmill having to spend money he didn't really have on things he didn't really need. The reason for that, of course, is that if he had a choice in the matter, he'd live the sort of quiet, calm, slow-paced sort of life advocated by Johnson's favorite musician and fellow Mississipian, Jimmy Buffett. We also know that he's still deeply in love with Janis and, even though he can't quite manage to communicate it, is baffled by her insecurities about her looks; as one could expect, his attempts to compliment her sometimes go wrong but we do know that they have an active love life.
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