dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Janis: the better half....

As I mentioned yesterday, Arlo and Janis have one of the healthier love lives in the four-panel world; Johnson doesn't use the sort of weird visual cues that other artists do to remind us of that fact but he does make it clear that the two of them aren't the sort of dead-from-the-neck-down, old-before-their-time-and-glad-of-it freaks that haunt the Foobiverse. I should think that the chief problem they had was, as I said, that Janis used to have a free-floating sort of insecurity about her looks. Johnson is smart enough to show us how this played out: every so often, we'd get a strip like this: Arlo tries to reassure her his way but since he doesn't know how to say in a manner that would reassure her, things don't quite work out as he'd hoped so he has to apologize for being a guy. The interesting thing is that this anxiety has been replaced by a new one: their shared fear for their son Gene. More on that Monday.
Tags: arlo and janis

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