dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gene: the focus of anxiety....

As we all know, Arlo and Janis have a son named Gene; he started out as an eight-year old but is now a university student. What I find interesting about him is that his comings and goings form the closest thing the strip has to a continuing story line; this is because of his interest in a single mother named Mary Lou who works in a beach-front resort of sorts. Every so often Gene expresses a desire to slow down his pace of his life and build a future with this girl...which, as one might expect, doesn't go over too well with his parents. You see, the two of them have started to turn into what could be called wilted flower children; they have no problem with a simpler, slower pace of life for themselves but they have big, big plans for Gene. Plans that don't include resorts, girls they don't approve of and especially not leaving college. One is meant to wish one lived in Margaritaville, not actually do it.
Tags: arlo and janis

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