dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Val Stone: living life on hold.

As I said yesterday, Val Stone is a widow of a serviceman in her late thirties who has has problems balancing being the single parent of two very active children with office politics. On one the one hand, she has to deal with older daughter Holly's undesirable and inconvenient tendency to mouth off, slack off on school work and over-identify with consumer culture and younger daughter Alix's clear desire to not want to spend time in class when the outside beckons and on the other, she seems somewhat out of her depth when confronted with the likes of her ass-kissing archnemesis Dickerson. While having to deal with Holly's clear need to test the limits of parental tolerance and the more baffling aspects of corporate behavior is a trial, what seems to me to drive the strip is that I don't think that she's quite at a place in her life where she can move on from her husband's death. I'm probably wrong but what I see is a woman who's stuck in a holding pattern, who needs the support of others despite those others wanting to live their own lives, to not move on lest she somehow betray her husband's memory. Until she gets past the seventh stage of the grieving process, she'll still wonder when her mother will come in and help her raise her kids.
Tags: stone soup

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