dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Evie: The mother of invented necessity.

As you know, I came late to the Stone Soup party so don't quite have all the facts. What I can see is that up until recently, Val and her daughters had more or less lived in her mother Evie's house as boarders; as I said, I might be a bit off base about that. What I do see is that Val relied on her mother after her husband passed on....and didn't stop relying on her because of how much unresolved hurt her husband's illness left her saddled with. It's sort of a mixed proposition relying on someone whose belief systems vary so strongly and who, having raised two daughters already, wants to live her own life in the time she has left. Val and Holly and Alex seem to be counting the days when things will get back to normal and the old, limiting pattern can resume. Evie seems to be always a second away from telling Val that "normal" has changed.
Tags: stone soup

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