dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Holly and Alix: a closer look

At first glance, Val's older daughter Holly looks, sounds and acts like that sitcom monstrosity we know as the precocious child; she's oversold on the imagery and lifestyle she sees in fashion magazines, tends to downplay the need to excel in school, regards her mother's attempts to help her as being smothered, answers every sentence aimed her way with a come-back, tries to 'help' Alix by making her into a cynical jerk and generally does nothing but push Val's buttons. The reason for this is, of course, rather obvious when you remember that she's a little girl who thinks she knows more than she actually does; since Evie didn't think that Val's idea of making Holly do more housework that she made Val do at that age made a heck of a lot of sense, what we ended up with is a young girl who really didn't know how to do much except pretend to be a grown-up. Alix is somewhat easier to explain; what we see is a small child who loves the outdoors and hates to be confined in a classroom when there's so much to see outside. babsbybend once said that Holly was destined to work in an office and Alix as a park ranger; I see nothing essentially wrong with that prediction.
Tags: stone soup

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