dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Joan: a closer look.

One thing I've noticed is that Val's sister Joan is almost as important to the proceedings as Val herself is; one could almost call her a co-lead. She started out more or less as Val and Evie's dependent after her first husband nipped out for milk one evening and, after absconding with their savings to that land from which no traveler ever returns (Brazil), filed for divorce. She was thus left with their son Max and not much in the way of a job. Most of the first decade of the strip rotated around two things: her making a career for herself and her relationship with their neighbor Wally Weinstein. At roughly the same time that Deanna Sobinski was extorting things from the Pattersons by telling them monster-under-the-bed stories about her evil mother Mira, they tied the knot. It should be noted by those who make note of those things is that she still goes by the name 'Stone' to this day; it's a minor stylistic choice which doesn't affect her current role in the strip: just as Val's job is to show us a busy mother interacting with older kids, she and Wally provide us with jokes about dealing children in their first years of life. That, and dealing with Wally's teenaged nephew Andy. Between the two of them, we get to see all stages of childhood and styles of parenting.
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