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Curtis: Master of the impossibilities.

I guess one of the most appealing things about Stone Soup is that it doesn't generally rely on the use of the words 'can not' as a source of humor; instead of having a situation in which Evie cannot leave to pursue her own interests lest Val's life fall apart, we have to deal with an extended story arc in which budding mean girl Holly will have to learn an Aesop about responsibility and humility. If we want to see a strip in which a character cannot do something without risking the end of the strip, we'd have to discuss Ray Billingsley's Curtis. Simply put, the sliding timescale and need for Status Quo to be God mean that if certain things happen, the strip will have to end. We might as well start by looking at the things characters cannot do by looking at the title character first and then proceed from there:

  1. Curtis cannot at any time realize that authority figures are not conspiring to ruin his life; were he to realize that his teacher is trying to help him live a better life, the cafeteria workers are trying to ensure his health and that his father would love to let him do things if he had the money, his default attitude of persecution would disappear and take the strip with it.
  2. Curtis cannot be made to see that Michelle hasn't got the sweet side he thinks is buried under the vanity and attitude; were he to spurn her and take up with Chutney, we'd have to kiss the strip good-bye.
  3. Curtis cannot be allowed to control his mischievous and antisocial impulses; his shtick is that he's a goofy kid who thinks he's smarter and cooler than he really is so if he got humble all of a sudden, he'd end up in the home for retired comic strip characters they keep trying to ship Walt Wallet off to.
  4. As more or less of a compliment to that last, he cannot seem to realize that Barry, although being a vindictive jerk who likes it when his big brother gets into trouble, is always right about things; if he heeded the warnings the Troll was trying to give him, he wouldn't wind up getting punished again.

Simply put, if he were to learn from his mistakes and not do stupid things, his ability to be the loser protagonist would take a direct hit and end his strip.
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