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Careerwomen: The menace revealed or a SheFoobs place is in Leavittown.

If you've been been attention to this mess as long as I have, you'll have figured out Lynn has a strong attraction towards the traditional gender roles of her youth: Man the provider and Woman the nurturer. Things were 'simpler' back then wherein woman attended college in order to find a mate who'd with a degree at the end of his name(her 'degree' entailing the change of surname to match his and the prefix "Mrs."). [The seemingly anomalous support for (male) homosexuals is both a family thing and her relief at finding a male friend who won't go out with other women behind her back.] This stems from her identification with its expression by her beloved father, the one source of comfort in her turbulent early years. THIS is actually comprehensible and almost normal. The expression of her core value in her strip, women plus jobs equals chaos and heartache, is however neither. She tried to prove this factiness in the early years by inserting cynical, smug Connie to try and mock Elly's stay-at-home ways and hold her out as a source of pity. This sort of failed because back then Lynn's mind was still open to different ideas and values, plus also it was kinda hard to make a pediatric nurse into a baddie. This looney-tune expression of a by-gone and best forgotten way of life is the utter chaos work outside the home causes in the life of Foob womanhood. We've already seen the mess that Lynn thinks ObliviLiz's teaching career has made of her life. However, rescue (by which LJ means a suburban box, a eunuchy husband and an annoying kid) is on the way at the (clammy) hands of 'dynamic young go-getter' Anthony 'Pornstachio' Caine. The confusing and hostile world of work threatens the other Foob women also, and thus Foob menfolk. Dedimwit's job as a pharmacist and her 'mix-up' with (the dreaded) birth-control has also caused wacky crap to happen in Misunderstood Artiste Mikerobe's home. In the priggish maniac's contorted psyche, her reactionary fantasy daughter-in-law had seen the light and deliberately taken her 'rightful' place in Foob society - a placid matron in a flaccid suburb, cooing about rug-monkeys. St. Elly herself has been tempted by the fearsome and ominous modern world by (<*GASP*>) becoming a store owner. She 'came to her senses' when confronted with the actions of a loutish, vicious petty thief named Kortney Krelbutz. The heartbreaking thing to befuddled goof Elly's mind is that the young woman betrayed the trust she had given her. The 'right' conclusion is not that a purblind old drab witlessly made constant alibis for guttertrash who would have distinct difficulty deceiving Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Not in Lynn's strip it ain't. The right conclusion is that the 'false' values of feminism have corrupted an innocent. Hopefully her bad example and the mental effort it would take for April to follow her 'daydream' of becoming a vet will scare her into the arms of Gerald (another bland twit, thus Foob-approved). If that don't do it, she can always haul out the big guns and invoke the image of movie-monster Therese. In Lynnie's little world, a woman like Therese CAN'T have looked inside herself and found that she couldn't possibly cope with marriage or motherhood and thus shouldn't try. She isn't sparing herself or the man and child or children involved in an inevitable disaster misery, at all. Doesn't matter if she's ready for either. It's her moral duty to get into ANY marriage no matter how bad and have as many kids as she can no matter the emotional or physical cost to herself or the little tikes involved. And work, education, mental effort - they can't possibly be enjoyable: why, she's pissing away her feminity. This makes what most nonFoobs see as a slightly unsympathetic but forgivable person (esp. since she had to endure passive/aggressive freak Granthony's sickening mewling) into what crazy woman Lynn obviously sees as a monster.
All this crap is inevitable when you consider the artist's history. Her mother was an abusive lush who turned our hero into an angry, rebellious child with a manic drive for comfort and soothing, programmed like a computer to seek out things and people who made her fell good about herself. Why else this blind belief in a value system that so obviously failed her at every turning and her fixation on men who would exploit her? Her damaged mind obviously thinks that her own horrifying past is the way of the world and the beliefs her father seemed to have would actually work if she'd done it right. More's the pity, since he seemed open to the horrifying (thus useful) emotion of doubt.
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