dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The many 'cannots' of Curtis's parents.

Let it not be said that Curtis is the only character who cannot do certain things and maintain the integrity he needs to have the strip continue. His parents are also hampered by the inability to do certain things and think certain thoughts. As an example, Curtis's mother cannot admit to herself the possibility that younger brother Barry might be lying about how Curtis is angry with him for no reason. We know that the title character is almost always reacting to an extreme provocation of some sort but the instant the Troll puts on the 'sweet, harmless kid' act, Diane's mind freezes in place and she goes off to pulverize her kid; what's more, she doubles the tanning she gives Curtis because he 'lied' about being goaded. This, of course, is because she suffers from a mental defect that a lot of adults in fiction do; she assumes that a child that is quiet, respectful and helpful to adults is a good child who has no reason to lie and a rude, noisy and stubborn child like Curtis is always bad. One should think that she wonders why Wally and the Beav are so nasty to their polite friend Eddy Haskell because he's always so respectful to adults because she cannot or will not see that she and June Cleaver are being played for suckers by their respective rat-bastard phonies; having to do that would mean having to admit to an imperfect knowledge of her children and she cannot do that and still be the Diane Wilkins Billingsley created. She has to be an ill-tempered stooge for the old 'wounded gazelle' ploy or the strip will end. Greg isn't nearly so bad; all he's got is a hatred for rap and a two-pack a day habit that he can't really quit without going nuts. If he'd married a woman for brains instead of looks and mad skillz on the dance floor, he wouldn't be as messed up as he is now. The jury is out on whether he believes Barry is a lying little fink but it's established that he doesn't care; like Ward Cleaver, he wants his older son to suck up the abuse he has to take like a man and quit pestering him for money he doesn't have.
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