dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The lesser impossibilities: Barry, Mrs Nelson and Gunther the barber

It's not just Curtis and his parents that can not do things; the minor characters also have things that they cannot do. For example, Barry can never seem to be able to keep Curtis from doing something stupid when both of their asses are on the line; this is, of course, because he's made it his job to annoy Curtis and see him get punished for kicks. We also have to deal with Mrs Nelson's inability to quite see how chaotic Curtis's life can get; she seems unaware of how crappy his neighborhood is and how he has to spend most of his time trying to avoid Derrick and Onion, the bullies. She also seems to not quite realize how afraid of her he is by times which sort of makes it trickier to achieve her stated goal of getting him to succeed in life. Next to those impossibilities, Gunther the barber's inability to quite remember his name is a trivial thing; we can explain that away as his messing with the kid.
Tags: surgically attached hat

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