dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gunk, Kwanzaa and Billingsley's love of the weird...

I did omit one of Curtis's impossibilities the other day; he cannot under any circumstances prove that his claims that the bizarre foods and animals his freaky friend Gunk brings from Flyspeck Island do what he says they do. This is so Billingsley can have him be introduced to an invasive species, see its bizarre power, figure out a means of abusing it, think he's beating the system, crash down to Earth hard and get punished for lying. The other reason is that the artist loves weird crap; this not only manifests itself in the myriad ways that Curtis has tried killing himself using the dangerous produce Gunk leaves sitting around for any fool to misuse, it also appears every Kwanzaa. During that period, the regular storyline is put on hold so that we may be treated to a fable of some sort; the result is heavy-handed moralizing accompanied by weird art.
Tags: surgically attached hat

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