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The talking no-nose blues....

As we all know, For Better or For Worse was more or less commissioned by the Syndicate in an attempt to address a perceived need to have a female artist give voice to the housewives of the world struggling to define themselves in the era of Friedan. Johnston is not alone in being selected based on her gender; she wasn't even first off the mark. That honor goes to Cathy Guisewite, creator of the comic strip Cathy. Its purpose was initially to serve as a sounding board for single women in the working world as they tried to define themselves in the seventies and beyond. It should be noted that the source of humor is something Guisewite calls the four guilt groups: work, Mom, food and love. As I explore each, it should become obvious that there's really only the one source of guilt in Cathy's life: her relationship with her mother. To give you a hint as to what mother love did, I'll remind you why Cathy hasn't got a visible nose: her face is supposedly so fat that it disappeared.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery

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