dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Guilt Group The Third: The Food/Consumption Axis....

The third great guilt that dominates Cathy's life is her love of rich, sugary food; the reason for that, of course, is that her mother spent most of her life yapping about the need to be thin and desirable to attract men. The result, of course, is that she has the neurotic need to eat whenever she gets frustrated and a competing obsession with the idea that she's fat and ugly. This is evidenced by the way she's depicted; you'll have noted that she's the only character without a visible nose. The reason for this is that she was originally designed to be, well, morbidly obese. The other problem is that it makes shopping for clothing into a nightmare. Every June, she shows up at a department store with the objective of buying a swimsuit for the express purpose of lounging around looking hot; what invariably happens is that she tries on a suit designed for someone a lot thinner, looks at herself in the mirror and yells AAAAAAAACK!!!!! in disgust. This, of course, doesn't stop her from buying it; since she'd rather not listen to the male propaganda about how her lifetime of fad diets has screwed up her metabolism and guaranteed that she pack on the poundage, she fills her closet with clothes she'll fit into some day. She also gets to simper indulgently as Irving buys himself high-tech toys she shrinks from touching lest, as her mother said, they drain away her femininity. The problem with spending her life putting the children of her comic foil Mabel, the Universal Saleswoman through University is that she and Irving spend every April being lectured about how reckless they are with their money; the reason is that they've both internalized the fad dieter's ethos "Someday, I'll get it right without having to work for it." Too bad that their mothers never prepared them for the real world. That failure is next on the Guilt Parade.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery

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