dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Great Big Guilt: The Mother Issue.

As you know, I've taken Cathy's mother to task for her failure to produce someone who can really cut it in this world. What's more, she digs that; it thrills her that her daughter isn't really an autonomous adult capable of independent living and thought, that she'll always need to have her mother around to help her cope with the real world. Not only does it feed into the monstrous ego she denies having, it feeds into her need to want to stiff-arm Death; as long as Cathy still behaves like the weak, stupid, irrational, clingy, whiny, selfish, dependent idiot five-year-old she was when Mommy was a thirty-year-old saying that next year, she will fit into a smaller size, the woman can tell the Grim Reaper "You can't take me! I have a child that needs me!" Where it all breaks down, of course, is that the stupid homilies, enforced idleness (Don't clean that up! Let Mommy do it for you!), compulsive need to packrat away useless junk in the remote chance it might come in handy, distorted vision of gender relations, insistence that she has to be rail-thin to desirable and the endless menu of excuses for failure to eat and exercise properly have created an adult child who simply does not have what it takes to survive in any other world than the one designed to make life a minimum cinch for the Carrie Bradshaws of the world. Irving has it easy in comparison; all he's got is a jerk who's so in love with him that she won't learn her daughter-in-law's first name.

For those of you who've noted that it's odd to talk about inept, saboteur mothers on Father's Day, it really isn't; that's because the grinning weakling patriarchs contribute their fair share of failure to the proceedings. Had they not let Mother make all the decisions, their children could have stood a chance to grow up instead of simply grow old. It might have even been that the two of them could tolerate the company of children long enough to contemplate having then.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery

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