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Cathy versus Elly

It has been pointed out that Cathy Andrews-Hillman is better company than Elly Patterson. This is because the chunky woman with the slightly embarrassed smile does something her Canadian counterpart does not: acknowledge that she's a highly flawed human being. What is more, she tends to roll her eyes theatrically and chuckle that she's funny that way when she discusses her imperfections. When one compares her to Elly who obsesses over being cheated out of things by other people and who will not accept blame for her own failings, it's sort of obvious that the American is more readily tolerated. If you'll indulge me, I'll break it down a bit further issue by issue:

  1. Being a part of the labor force: Unlike Elly, Cathy is able to function quite well in an office environment; that's because she doesn't take all the day-to-day crap personally. She's also smart enough and confident enough not to submit to emotional bullying meant to soothe injured male pride.
  2. Food: Both women have unhealthy obsessions with their body and with food; the difference is that Cathy thinks of it as an endearing quirk that, for reasons that escape her, men have somehow capitalized on. Elly, on the other hand, shrieks with rage because evil men have unfairly conspired to make her life harder.
  3. The dating scene: We'll have to give this one to Cathy as well; after all, she didn't marry the first man she dated more than once because she feared dying alone, old and unwanted. It seems to me that ninety to ninety-five percent of Elly's troubles were caused by her marrying before she was mature enough to do so so to see Cathy wait a few years after High School before settling down is a good thing.
  4. The mother-daughter dynamic. Unlike Elly, Cathy doesn't live or die by how closely, how slavishly she can imitate her mother; that's because she isn't nearly as desperate for parental approval. We won't, for instance, see her go ballistic because the towels and forks aren't arranged the way her mother does so; what we will see is an awkward strip that has Cathy smirk as her mom arranges things the 'right' way only to put them back her own way.
  5. Children: This is the biggest difference between the two; just as she wasn't going to be coerced into giving up her job, Cathy is going to try her damnedest not to have children. She knows that she shouldn't reproduce just to fit in with the crowd because she legitimately fears what she'd do to any child she might have. She lives a kid-unfriendly life and is happy so doesn't see any need to change things.
  6. Pets: Cathy is a far more responsible pet owner than Elly; that's because she's aware that animals are animals, not people in suits.
  7. Materialism; Unlike Elly who preaches simplicity while packratting stuff away, Cathy is unapologetic about her possessions owning her.

Any way you slice it, Cathy is more enjoyable company than the gloomy idiot with the potato nose.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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