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Irving versus John: Duelling Adult Children

Another way Guisewite has it all over Johnston is her depiction of the adult children their main characters have married. As we all know, John is regarded primarily as an evil, conflict-causing man who was put on this Earth to be unfair to Elly; we’re also left with the impression that Elly was living a happy, trouble-free life when she was suddenly, without intending to, trapped in a house with a husband and children she didn’t actually want. I’ve also explained the Foob infidelity cycle in which a random. seemingly harmless act is taken by the woman as permission to behave in an idiotically cruel and selfish fashion leading to the luckless man being forced to cheat in order to be with someone who doesn’t regard giving a kid a cookie before dinner as a sign of the Apocalypse. Cathy and Irving’s relationship is superficially similar but there’s a big difference in the way it’s treated; Cathy’s attempts at ‘civilizing’ Irving are more or less regarded as her being an idiot. Sure, it’s frustrating to be reminded that he doesn’t shop the way she does but it’s regarded as part of the price she has to pay for dealing with the male of the species; if anything, the recent Father’s Day strip in which he was upbraided for being more concerned with being handsome rather than handy implies that Guisewite doesn’t think that he’s quite masculine enough. This premise is reinforced by her highlighting that he hasn’t been properly weaned from his beloved Smother quite yet; a real man would tell Mom to not interfere in his life or disrespect his lady.

Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery, irving, john - grinning weirdo

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