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Sarah and the Clone Army.

Another example of failure of the imagination on Thing One and Thing Two's part is less about the way the characters I'm about to describe act and more about their appearance. I'm of course talking about how almost all of the girls Jeremy knows look exactly alike. You can only manage to tell Sarah from, say, Dijon, Zuma or any other teenaged girl by her hairstyle; this tells me that the artist has the same mental block as Greg Heffley from the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series; the author of the children's book explains that his unsympathetic comedic protagonist tends to blend the girls in his class together mentally because he doesn't quite understand the female psyche so what the interchangeability of SarahAutumnViralWhoever gets me thinking that the artist simply doesn't seem to remember that the characters used to have distinct personalities. Hector's girlfriend Autumn, for instance, is one of those shrill, humorless annoyances who hate people on sight because they are not driven berserk by the need to vanquish a supposed injustice or killing themselves to express their penitence for a crime that only exists in the imagination of a child who simply hasn't lived long enough to have an opinion on the matter; since Jeremy likes eating meat and doesn't actually care about it, she compares him to Hitler. About the only thing that can be said to salvage this failure is that the writer has slowly but surely pared down the cast until it's all about how Jeremy's parents fly off the handle about the inconsiderate behavior they witlessly encouraged.
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