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Chad and the Invisbles....

As I said yesterday, there's a price Scott and Borgman were only too happy to pay in their quest to turn the strip into a stale, formulaic waste of time depicting two imbecilic failures screaming in rage because their incredibly average son is so out of sync with their needs that he has no idea why they're screaming at him; that price is that most of the original supporting cast have lost the prominence they originally had and have been reduced to glorified walk-ones. The greatest example of that is Jeremy's older brother Chad. The earliest years of the strip were all about how jealous Jeremy was of his university student older brother and how Walt and Connie despaired of his measuring up to the high standard he left. The reason for his disappearance is fairly obvious; Thing One and Thing Two don't actually want the kid to have a reason to resent his parents so hanging a lampshade on the fact that Boobsaflapping and Bald John Patterson treat their youngest of three children (their eldest is an unseen daughter) like a spare tire might tend to cause those in the audience to turn to each other and think of Jeremy as being a male version of the Picky-Face Martian Princess. The loss of his contemporaries makes less sense. It makes no sense for Hector to have been pushed to the margins; we need to contrast his more chaotic home life and how his parents are slightly more laid back with the hysterics living in Blandsville. We need to see suave overachiever Alfred Tang beat Jeremy's time because he's more attuned to the female mind than someone who instinctively associates femininity with a shrill dipstick like Connie can ever be. We need to distinguish Sarah from the formless crowd of look-alike, think-alike, act-alike clones and restore their quirky personalities: Phoebe, the coffee addict overachiever, D'ijon, the sassy minority type, the Posse and their groupthink, Autumn of the pit hair and the twee humorlessness and Brittany, the walking bulletin board. All we have left is Pierce, the kid with the piercings who used to have a heart of gold until he pawned it to get a three-ring binder attached to his chest. The sad thing is that the loss of most of the cast is not the only thing they've witlessly sacrificed in order to make more room for their screed about how kids today scare them so much that they soil their Depends™ undergarments; they've also hollowed out their lead's personality.
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