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Character assassination en masse: the end of the Foobiverse.

I noticed today somebody posted on the 'Foobiverse Journal' an idea I get from time to time; Lynn is deliberately destroying the credibilty of the characters before the time freeze. There are two fairly reasonable motivations for this sort of thing. The first is that not every newspaper would agree to carry the strip in the new format. I notice in my own hometown paper they dropped 'Foxtrot' from the daily comics section and limit it to Sundays-only. The addition of framing strips to classic material might not be enough to get some editors to keep the silly thing on the page. Her thinking might be that if the audience no longer cares for her creations, their absence wouldn't have much of an impact. That, of course, assumes she's doing this consciously which brings me to the second motive: her proprietary interest in the characters. Like her mentor Charles Schulz, Lynn has no desire to have somebody take over the strip and alter HER creations to suit THEIR ideas of the true, good and beautiful. To preclude this sort of thing from happenning, she's (probably unwittingly) making her characters so hateful nobody would want to keep telling their story. Even if she were aware of what she was doing and why, she seems to have ignored the dramatic device known as the retcon. In short, a new creative team could have everybody end up in Bobby Ewing's shower and say that everything from a certain point never happened. It would be a bit of a cheat but it's much less annoying than what Tom Batiuk is doing right now: serializing his graphic novel about Lisa's death months in advance of its official publishing date.
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