dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The “wimp” factor.

As I said yesterday, a lot of creators have become so used to their favorite jokes and plot devices that they no longer have anything worth saying. We see this when Curtis gets busted for reading comic books in class, we see it when Luann expresses the schizophrenic belief that it’s all about her despite her being the lowest of the low, we see it when Funky refuses to see that he’s trapped, alone and afraid in a world he mostly made and we see it when Elly begs for rescue from the bland suburban existence she regards as a horror too bleak to know. This is why it’s good to know that certain artists left the stage before they ended up turning out widgets. I’m talking about Bill Waterston, Gary Larson and, to a lesser extent, Bill Amend. While Amend is still producing new Foxtrots, he can be safely included because he got out before he’d created himself into a corner. The odd thing is that people like them who had the courage to leave the field before they exhausted their creative potential and made us beg them to go away were classified as wimps by one of the worst offenders: Lynn Johnston. Since she has the need to die at her easel like Schulz did, she forgets two things. First, it’s better to leave voluntarily before they beg you to go. Second, dying the day the strip ended wasn’t Sparky’s idea; he’d planned on having at least a few years as a retiree.

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