dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Susan: the Elly with a daughter,

The first of the three "friends" who make it so very obvious that Between Friends is Foob's spiritual successor is Susan Nolastnamegiven. The reason I say this is that she seems to have inherited Elly's rather poor self-image, default pessimism and to-do list that could be kept in a filing cabinet. She's a mildly less virulent version because she also has Cathy's backbone and Ted Forth's ability to relate to her adopted daughter Emma. This, of course, brings us to Bell-Lundy's love of discussing issues; in Susan's case, it was the fertility issues that she and her husband had to struggle with for years on end. Finally, they decided to adopt. This not only resolved that issue, it allowed for a vaguely interesting look at their adjusting to no longer being DINKs.
Tags: between ellys

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