dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Maeve: the second of three.

As I mentioned before, the job of being Elly has been more or less divided up equally amongst the three friends in the strip 'Between Friends'; that being said, divorcee Maeve's job seems to be to embody the part of Elly's personality that makes bad decisions about her personal life. To wit, she simply cannot seem to make up her mind about her idiot ex-husband Simon who, for reasons unknown, looks like John Patterson. What he does is come in every so often to stir the pot and since Maeve's still trying to sort out how his cheating makes her feel, she has the intermittent desire to believe his attempts to reassure her that this time he means it when he says she can rely on him. That isn't all she is, of course; her real star turn came about a few years ago when a friend of hers was trapped in an abusive relationship. Since Bell-Lundy doesn't share Lynn's default belief that assistance is futile, she and the other two did something useful that benefitted someone.
Tags: between ellys

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