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The single-issue issue......

The problem, of course, with Between Friends is the the creator had become too narrowly focused on a single issue: in her case, it was how Life seemed to be conspiring to fill the lives of women who want to kick back and enjoy themselves with endless obligations to be fulfilled. This trap is one a lot of failed creators find themselves in. We thus have Johnston and her endless self-pity, Batiuk with his egotistical need to focus on how big a big-shot he must be to be so pointlessly miserable, Evans joining Thing One and Thing Two in complaining about how Teenagers Are Destroying America and Billingsley with his need to present to the world an ill-tempered dolt who fears maturity. Much noise has been made about how webcomics are the means to liberation from plodding along the same path but I beg to differ; that's because I'm aware of one called "Candi, A College Story"; the primary malfunction that strip's creator has is that she's been spending three or four years treating a break-up between the title character and some oblivious twit as if it were a high tragedy instead of an annoying non-event.
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