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Long Distance Voyagers: Dick Tracy and the rest....

Another problem with comic strips as a medium is the presence on the page of strips that are there because of sheer inertia. I would have discussed 'Little Orphan Annie' but, as we know, the Syndicate performed a mercy killing that left her in the jungles of Guatemala as the captive of a Serbian war criminal on the lam from the Hague. Instead, I'm going to discuss the man who used to be Dick Tracy; the reason I call him that is that he's no longer the steely-eyed, lantern-jawed, remorseless dispatcher of freaks and degenerates. What he's been allowed to become is a panicky idiot who's five seconds away from voiding himself where prohibited when confronted with his enemies. Why this decay? Simple; the man they have writing it now seems to have come to hate the character and is bent on having the Syndicate do unto him as they did to Annie. It's not just Locher who wants to rid himself of his burdens; the man who currently does 'Gasoline Alley' is showing signs of fatigue too. Why else the over-emphasis on the off-putting and anachronistic regional stereotypes who run the local junkyard?
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