dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The debtor effect and other problems...

One of the more revolting consequences of the Patterson Expedition was the fact that John and Elly's heightened need to be angry with one another for not thinking things through was that they took their excess hostility and yelled at Mike for things they would ordinarily ignore. This sort of displaced hostility seems to explain their constantly harping about how the children owe them the money spent on their behalf and must repay every last cent. The reason I say this is because I remember certain things about the Pattersons:
  1. They're obsessed with how little money they think they have. We always see John and Elly fretting about how they're barely getting by despite his being a successful dentist.
  2. Since they're self-absorbed jerks who don't want to blame themselves and their poor decision-making for their problems, they scramble to find someone who cannot fight back to blame their worries on.
  3. The fact that they've no moral fibre makes them see Mike not as a child with hopes, dreams and needs but as an expense that will not pay off for decades if ever.
  4. We must also take into consideration that the two of them are filled with a free-floating hostility which crowds out empathy for others while still affording plenty of room of contempt for those who are weak.
  5. They are also animated with an overweening need to pose as having near-dictatorial authority over their children to compensate for their feelings of societal impotence; bellowing about ingratitude is a great way of encouraging the dependence they need to feel like someone has to listen to them.
  6. Finally, the two of them parent as if they're fighting a rear-guard action against chaos; we see a bland, ordinary little boy who's a little bit more active than he should be. They see a Lovecraftian horror-freak who wants to destroy the world and force them to a subservient position.

The end result is that we have a pair of selfish, hateful dumbasses who rationalize away their viciousness with a pious moan about how they're being taken advantage of.

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