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The little cabin in the woods...

When I look back on the current arc, one thing stands out above all others as being baffling. It's not that the Pattersons stupidly took their dog with them or that they went out of their way to make things tough on the kids or even that they didn't question the distance to Ted's lakefront cottage. What most bothers me is their default assumption that when Ted referred to his well-appointed lakefront cottage as a cabin in the woods, he meant that and nothing else. Elly's anger at John for going to the wrong place was, I should think, matched by John's anger at being deceived as to its condition. This is, of course, so he can rationalize away his having screwed up royally; instead of admitting that Ted was jokingly downplaying his accomplishments and being modest about his possessions in order to not sound like a ten-year-old boasting about his toys, John can get all huffy about being tricked. This also allows the two of them to avoid having to face what's most wrong about them: their need to be acknowledged, their bottomless hunger for recognition. To avoid boasting about who they know and what they can wheedle out of those around them simply makes no sense to the immature jackasses so to see Ted not do so confuses, frightens and angers them. It also allows John to not have to admit to another self-limiting factor in his psyche: his need to not think about what's going on around him. The reason he hates reading anything that isn't "Insert Tab A into Slot B" is that his brain is loaded with stereotypes and folk wisdom; he doesn't want to muss up his mind with new ideas because that leads to being publicly shamed by having to admit to error. The idea that a 'little cabin in the woods' could be a 'swinging bachelor pad near a marina' is dangerous because it forces him to have to inquire as to motives; better to make a snap judgment, ignore the evidence of his senses and plod stupidly along into a vortex of idiocy and chaos.
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