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The authenticity effect.......

John and Elly's unswerving belief that a cabin in the woods couldn't be anything but a cabin in the woods isn't the only time that their craving for what they think is 'real' and 'authentic' has made a mess of things. Their often-stated love of going down to the farm is predicated on their belief that their children are missing out on something vital to their well-being by spending all their lives in an urban environment. It seems to me that this belief has its roots in a sort of jealousy; instead of feeling proud that they can provide Mike, Liz and April with things they did not have, John and Elly feel a sort of anger that they did not get to live as exalted a life as their children. To balance the scales, they feel that they must remind their offsprings that they expect too much. The end result is that the Pattersons spent the Summer of 1983 and Christmas 1988 playing farmhands and convincing Bev and Dan's daughter Laura that her uncle John married an imbecile and had dimwitted children. Time again, we see her looking at her relatives from suburbia as if they had a third eye; it might look as if she's being a snotty, unsympathetic bitch but she never quite twigged to the fact that her cousins were being punished for independent thought. Sadly, no one seems to have bothered explaining to her that Mike, Liz and April weren't what she thought they must have been: rich jerks playing at being farm hands. Had she ever found out that Uncle John wanted their attitudes adjusted and that Aunt Elly wanted to shoo away dangerous love interests, she would have toned down the talk about their being idiots. The Pattersons' need to experience real, basic life while not having the vaguest idea of what that is is, as the Travelogues of Tedium remind us, Lynn's own; we all remember her baffled attempt to experience the 'real' Thailand and how the real Thailand's not being what she expected at all baffled and slightly angered her; it's in this spirit that Elly told Bev that the kids would enjoy sleeping in the hallway like refugees from a Steinbeck novel or else.
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