dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Help is a four letter word....

Here's another fact I'm repeating but it's a damned good one, so here goes. You notice that even if a problem is acknowledged, the main characters don't want to do anything about aside from complain. You see, Elly is transfixed by the fear that she'll become weak and dependent so she actively refuses any sort of proffered assistance. What's more, she's transmitted this dread to the rest of the family. They gripe, they moan but they do nothing. Iris seems to be like them but it's more like she knows what answer she'll get it she asks for help. This sort of thing drives Liz not to press charges against her attacker until Laurence ORDERS her to do so, it causes Elly to fret and bellow in driveways, April to ask LIZ for romantic advice she could have come up with on her own and Mike to endure life in Lovey's craphole. It's not really a matter of being to proud to beg; that's Iris's problem. These guys are scared people will laugh at them.
Tags: iris, pattersons vs the world

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