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The real meaning of "You owe us"

As we've seen, the Pattersons really have difficulty with anticipating how children think; an example of this is the strip wherein Michael envies John and Elly their supposed freedom. You and I all know that Michael hasn't the vaguest idea that John is worried about paying the bills or that Elly is constantly fretting about keeping a tidy house without losing herself in the process because, as a child, he cannot know this. We also know enough about the way Lynn thinks to know that she does not know this; instead of Michael being ignorant, she seems to see him as knowing something he cannot but being naughty to spite his parents. We can ascribe that to Lynn's talent for depicting activities she doesn't understand. Let us also mark time on the fact that John and Elly have another counterproductive commonality: the tendency to obsess over things they don't have while failing to appreciate the things they do. We've spent the last three decades watching the simpletons wail about what others have they lack to the point that we're sick of it. Next on the hate parade comes the raging paranoia that they share; since they're besotted with vanity and consumed with pride, it follows that they assume that everyone in the world yearns to annihilate them out of spite and envy. The result of the three factors I've just mentioned is that they see defiance where none can be said to exist; an example of this is a few weeks after the strip I showed you before. What I see when I read the strip is a confused little boy who has no idea what John wants or why Daddy is thinks that he's arguing with him and a self-pitying bully who moans about how he doesn't get instant obedience; Lynn, John and Elly see a victim trying to stave off primordial chaos. Another interestingly revolting thing occurs; given the Pattersons' delusion that they're five dollars away from winding up in the county workhouse, lack of empathy, victimisation fantasies and non-stop pessimism, they tend to see their children not as blessings but as expenses that aren't going to pay off in nearly enough time to do them any good. THAT is why they whine about how their children owe them for housing, feeding and clothing them.
Tags: child rearing disasters, one big oblivious family

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