dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Adjustable attitudes and the reasons why.

The reason, of course, that John and Elly act as if they are fighting a losing battle against chaos is that they’re, as I said yesterday, consumed by pride, besotted with vanity and drunk with power; people like them simply cannot allow anything like an independent point of view. What they like as an ‘outside’ influence that can be guaranteed to say what they say; this is why they love grade-school teachers; since they want their children to speak and write the English language better than they do (not to mention do the basic arithmetic that confounds them), it follows that the Mrs Hardacres are beloved for their unswerving dedication to the cause of imposing a mental discipline they would rebel against. It should also be noted that Teacher loves to hate spontaneity, creative thinking, personal initiative and other things that horrify John and Elly; where it all falls down is that later on, the two of them bewail the result of their success. It sickens me to have to watch a friendly, bright-eyed little boy being bludgeoned into an apathetic lump vegetating in front of the television because his mother and father don’t like the feeling in his limbs that used to tell him that it was good to move around. I also don’t like the fact that this is why Elly is so against team sports; God forbid she give up her valuable time doing something for her child when she could be watching a soap or gossiping about the friend who isn’t there so some coach can try to "fill her precious children's heads with nonsense" or "try to turn them against their parents". Finally, we must contend with Exile Farm and John’s need to remind his offspring that They Should Be Grateful for his total inability to be a parent; the most repellent part of life in the Pattermanse is that weaklings who don’t do anything constructive claim divine authority because they were in the room when their children were conceived.

Tags: child rearing disasters

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