dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John Patterson, half-assed underparenter.

I think it's pretty safe to say that Elly is, at best, an apathetic parent. She clearly doesn't enjoy the company of children, doesn't have much sympathy for their wants or needs and is constantly confused, repulsed and angered by their behavior. I forget who it was who said it but it's clear that when she sees Mike play with Super Teddy, she thought-bubbles "How can Mike think that the toy has a name and personality? Surely he sees that it's simply one kind of fabric filled with another and not alive at all; how strange and horrifying he is that he pretends otherwise." We also see that she's got a hair-trigger temper, love of pointless busywork and is loaded with self-pity. Sadly, she married her kind; John has all of those negative attributes and more. He's not just an asshole who hates children and feels sickened by their baffling demands and confusing belief that they have a will of their own, he also has a belief that his gender permits him to avoid interacting with his children as much as possible to accompany his need to remind those around him that he wears the pants in the family. About the only time that he does interact with Mike is to enlist him in the sick and fatuous mental games he plays with Elly to remind her that he thinks that she, like all women, has cottage cheese for brains. Otherwise, he'll only do things when his paranoia, ignorance and stupidity lead him to believe that his alleged authority has been challenged. Case in point: the Housening. The same man who was too stupid and lazy to phone Ted and ask for directions went on to totally drop the ball by behaving as if it were too much trouble to get Mike to get a new place PDQ. It was simpler for him to stand on one side, feign helplessness and simper about hormones and drama so he could retreat into his workshop and make me wish that dereliction of parental duty were a capital offense. It would never occur to the lazy fool to find out what April actually wanted (someone to God-damned listen to and interact with her instead of shunning her like she had the polka-dotted plague) because that would be dangerous; he'd have to admit that his preconceptions were wrong and he's too selfish, arrogant and, above all, lazy to do that.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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