dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The lessons not-learned phase:

After a screw-up like this, one would expect to see a strip that had Ted reacting to Elly’s bellowing that Dumb Old John had gone to what she thought was the right cabin herself by reminding the Pattersons that there was a crazy little gadget called the telephone which could be used to verify that they were where they were supposed to be. This would be followed by an inquiry as to why they thought that he’d take his girlfriend du jour to a clapped-out, vermin-infested shanty with an outhouse instead of the nice little cottage he had a picture of right in his wallet. He might even go so far as to ask Elly why in God’s name she refused to get John to ask him what they could expect beforehand like he’d wanted him to. This hope, of course, is foolish; Lynn has no clear desire to cure the Pattersons of their need to rush headlong into disaster after disaster. What Lynn wants us to know is that John is an Idiotic, Trouble-Causing MAN Who Cannot Follow Directions; the fact that Elly followed him willingly into the abyss because the cabin also matched her preconceptions is immaterial; one might as well sympathize with John next year when he asks her why she didn’t check to see if she’d booked them into roomettes or not. THAT, you see, was the fault of the evil men who took advantage of poor, unsuspecting women by subjecting them to print that was clearly too small for normal people to read. If they kept that sort of thing up, she might have to age herself by getting and wearing eyeglasses like a little old lady. Having to answer Ted's question about why they took kids and a dog to a place they were sure not to enjoy would mean having to admit that their idea of the authentic was hokum; it also have kept them from assuming that the children would both enjoy and benefit from being drafted as impromptu farm hands or that spending Christmas huddled on a working farm so as to be in everyone's way was preferable to having Mike hang out with that scary, awful cute girl with freckles. Since they can't do that, they have to ignore Ted's questions. The Pattersons, you see, are never wrong even when they screw up royally; it's always the fault of the system or a plot against them by jealous haters and picky-faces.

Tags: my brain needs a shower!!, one big oblivious family

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