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The Other and the Pattersons....

There's another reason why the Pattersons will not take Ted's questions to heart: he was the first person in the strip to be regarded as The Other whose motives were unknown and unknowable and who should be avoided. Elly, you see, made no effort to find out who he was as a human being or to reach common ground with him because it would have required her to be humiliated by having to admit having misjudged him. Since she couldn't allow John that victory over her, she and her mouthpiece Jean drummed it into his head that Ted was unfit company; luckily for her, John's misapprehension as to how serious the Ted-and-Connie relationship was did more to achieve her goal than anything she could do. It wasn't as if he were someone she could feel superior to like Connie and thus learn to pity; Ted impressed her as someone who wouldn't grovel for her attention so he simply had to be frozen out of the proceedings. This habit of excluding those who disagreed with her or her children's needs echoes through the years. It gave us such delights as:
  1. The lovely way that Deanna's side of the family was treated; Mira can be an obnoxious jerk when she wants to be but since she's the same sort of domineering loon as Elly, the only reason she's treated like Queen Kong is that she doesn't genuflect to the Pattersons.
  2. The way Mike and Deanna went out of their way not to get to reach some sort of common ground with the Kelpfroths; although Mel was out of line by ignoring the no-smoking clause of his lease, it would have cost the Pattersons nothing but a bit of time to find out why they were in a barn of an apartment building instead of enjoying the good life.
  3. The non-stop bleating about how has-been Becky was trying to destroy April with her star power; Elly didn't do good by encouraging her child to think like a teenager. It would have been far better if Apes had made John's bird-in-a-gilded-cage premise her own.
  4. The need to demonize Therese for getting in the way of their need to make raising children profitable; it would have been clear to anyone with their head not wedged up their rectum that Anthony and Therese were in a starter marriage and thus both equally to be pitied. Since the Pattersons are dumber than crap, they saw a sitting duck as a monster. This especially applies to Liz who spent the better part of a decade screaming in rage because she didn't want to admit that she did, after all, look like a home-wrecker from a certain point of view.

This brings me back to what my main premise is; simply put, Pattersons tend, as a rule, to treat anyone who gets them to have to face the fact that not everyone is going to like what they do as The Great Beast to be feared and hated. They simply aren't big enough to accept that they aren't going to be universally beloved.
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