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The new-ruins and their length: an explanation.

As you probably know by now, Lynn's publisher has announced the up-coming publication of the first of the promised hard-cover treasuries. The collection, whose name is "Something Old, Something New", has an announced publication date of November 2010. The promotional copy describing the book and the title itself are indicative of the content; as howtheduck tells us, it is very likely that the book will not, after all, contain the strips which appeared in the first years of the strip's real history. Well, to be fair, some of them will appear but they will only really start to line up with the strip's real past when we see Elly start to get bent out of shape due to her misapprehension that John's buying a stereo means that she cannot buy an electric can opener. Before, the ones that do come from 1979 to 1981 will not be in order and will be surrounded by new strips that alter their meaning.

Having read that description, you will be as disappointed as he and I both are to know that instead of the real history, we will be asked to plop down 20 or 30 dollars to buy a hard-cover book filled with new-ruins. The premature disappearance and baffling reappearance of Deanna, the mysterious fate of the Nichols children, the tasty mustache of Phil Richards and more will all be there to show Lynn's utter apathy as to the continuity of her strip. Since the damnable thing is exactly two years less a month long, it also explains why the experiment went on as long as it did; we had to endure everything from the saga of Frank and Fred the fish to Elly yelling at John for going to what she thought was the right cabin too so as to have enough to fill the new book. This, of course, meant that her earlier statement about the changeover occurring when the story was strong enough to stand on its own was a lie; to be lied to about THAT is yet another disappointment. It should be noted that howtheduck's suspicion that the only new artwork that Lynn will do from now on is for the covers is also correct.
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