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Why city life is bad for the Pattersons.....

It isn't just life in the woods that fills the hearts of the Pattersaints with trepidation; John and Elly really don't seem all that fond of life in the Big City. This passage from Elly's letter from October 2005:

I'm glad we don't live any closer to the city. Toronto is wonderful from a cultural point of view, but the schools there are even more overburdened and the city population is so dense that it's easier to become just a number and be overlooked.

tends to explain why; simply put, there are too many of the wrong sort of people with the wrong values milling about and no one is going to give her and her family the attention she feels they deserve. Instead, people like Mister Gluttson expect Michael to exhaust himself pandering to their bad thinking and disseminating their scary information. Worse, he will not have the energy to properly ignore his children. It was thus sort of relieving that he finally decided to take over the Pattermanse and keep it in the family. Had he moved to the city for good, it might have fallen into the hands of someone who wouldn't have loved it as much as they do.

What this means in plain English, of course, is that the Pattersons are not only in love with discomfort for its own sweet sake, they expect a certain level of deference from those in their vicinity. The hazard of life in a small town is that, as Liz discovered to her horror, their comings and goings would be too widely known. It's hard to wrap oneself in the cozy garments of victimhood if people know you too well, after all. The difficulty with life in the city is that not enough people knew who Mike and Deanna were and thus didn't realize that they were meant to be pitied, forgiven their sins and handed freebies to make up for the horrific inconvenience of dealing with other wills besides their own. Suburbia affords these shallow narcissists with enough anonymity to avoid becoming the laughingstocks of a whole town and not so much crowding that they don't have to compete with other malingering idiots who wish to be given high honors for maintaining a pulse.
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