dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Splitting the Pattersons:

As we all know, all religions have as one of their basic tenets the idea that Man is an imperfect entity with free will; this, of course, means that everyone has impulses to good and to evil. Part of growing up is integrating the two halves; to do that, one must first acknowledge their existence. The problem with the Pattersons is that they have the child’s habit of seeing the people around them as being either all-good or all-bad; psychiatrists call this behavior ‘splitting’. The criterion by which they divide those around them into Goodies and Baddies is equally child-like. Simply put, people who make the Pattersons feel uncomfortable about themselves, stand in the way of their petty ambitions or ask them to do things they don’t feel like doing are bad guys while those who indulge their lack of self-restraint are good guys. As by way of example, Rhetta Blum is pretty much as bad as Hitler because she took the initiative in her relationship with Michael instead of passively letting him decide her fate like she was supposed to; similarly, Ted is a bad guy not because he’s what we used to call a confirmed bachelor but because his freedom calls Elly’s need to martyr herself in the name of being thought of as a good girl into question. If he were a good guy, he’d be a Josef Weeder whose purpose on this Earth is to inform Mike that he cannot be allowed to abide criticism. Questioning themselves, you see, is an unfair and evil thing to do because it makes the Pattersons face the fact that they have the same negative, destructive impulses flesh is heir to; to admit to that would make them totally bad because they cannot reconcile the positives and negatives in their soul. 

Tags: one big oblivious family, pattersons vs the world

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