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The conversation killers.

In the strip that's due to be re-published on 4 August 2010, John resolves the tension between him and Elly by, well, not actually resolving it. What I mean by this is that he soothes Elly's nerves by telling her that she has the right to be upset. This sneaky, blame-evading way of handling a problem is all too common in the Foobisphere and I don't much like it. This is because of the following reasons:
  1. John doesn't actually admit that he was wrong to not check with Ted before they started out.
  2. He never actually learns what it is that is upsetting Elly; we don't either but that's to be expected.
  3. What it means is that he wants no further discussion on the subject; this, of course, means that they cannot and will not tell Michael that they are not upset with him because, hey, they're done talking about the trip, can't they move on?
  4. They don't have to learn from their mistakes and can go back to normal.
That last is the worst of it; the Pattersons, as I have said beforehand, don't want to smarten up because it would be too humiliating to admit they were ever stupid. This means that we either have screaming fits that turn mild criticism against the accuser, a kiss-off e-mail, simpering about not being made to feel guilty now or simply informing someone who knows why she's upset with her parents that she's confused as to why. Anything to avoid having to admit to having a dark side like the rest of mankind, anything to avoid having to grow.
Tags: ogres are us, one big oblivious family, pattersons vs the world

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