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What's eating Elly Patterson.

The other problem I have with the sort of conversation-killing way the Pattersons have of avoiding having to face up to their dark sides is, well, that they never seem to hear what they other person is actually saying. As an example, we can think back to when April was trying to get Liz to face up to the fact that bequeathing Jim's harmonica, something that meant something to her, to the jerk who might as well have latched onto her drawers as a means of expressing his need to punish her for leaving town was a stupid idea, Liz shut her down by more or less suggesting that she was trying to make Jim's stroke all about the whims of some picky-faced kid. We have the criticism, the denial thereof and the distorted argument meant to justify it. What bothers me about John and Elly's tacit agreement to stop talking about the Vacation From Hell is that we never really learn why Elly is so upset with John in the first place. First off, we knew that she was planning on having a lousy time no matter where they went; even if they had gone to the well-maintained vacation cottage with the sun porch, the sauna and the indoor plumbing on the main road into town, she would have spent a fine old time cleaning, yelling at the children and feeling martyred and thus would have smugly declared that the vacation was so awful, she deserved to pick next year's destination. It almost seems to me that she's upset because she didn't get to get martyred and oppressed by living in a nice place for a change. What I really think happened though is that Ted humiliated her by either asking John why he never asked about the place first or wondering why he brushed him off every time he tried to tell him about his little cabin. As we know, they should have asked about the condition of the house, whether it had indoor plumbing, its proximity to amenities such as shops and emergency services, if it had a phone and so on and so forth. I have the queasy feeling that Elly was only away made aware that these questions even existed the second after Ted opened his mouth; knowing her, she was not being a hypocrite and telling us that she knew something she did not or being an ostrich by saying that she should have known something was fishy. I think that she was filled with rage because the phrase "Now he tells us; why didn't he think to say that two weeks ago?" is echoing through her empty skull. It was all on John, you see, to ask questions that she didn't have the brains to think of herself.
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