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PreTeena: The Monsters and the Children.....

As I said yesterday, a lot of comic strip artists detest the creature known as "teenager"; having to see young people being cursed and damned for being young is like being strapped into a chair and being forced to watch a "Dragnet" marathon. It's not so bad reading Stone Soup because Eliot is decently aware that Holly thinks that she has to behave the way she does because admen tell her to but there is, as I said, a strip that presents the fashion- and dating-obsessed teenaged girl as not a victim of a cultural pressure cynically designed to make a merchandise of her but as an Eldritch abomination: the strip "PreTeena" by Allison Barrows. Although not a first-run strip anymore, it still speaks to us by making an antagonist of the main character's older sister Jeri. Since the artist seems to be a Reaganite clod who makes a point of not understanding how the ad-men of the world hatefully manipulate the human desire to be recognized and fit in with the crowd simply to make a buck, she regards the unpleasant end-product as a monster devoid of any appealing qualities whatsoever. It's as if Angelica from Rugrats were somehow fused with Cruella DeVil and sent to live in a home filled with suburbanites. What makes this exceedingly hard to bear is Barrows's chirpy declaration that Jeri is an accurate portrait of her own child. All she needs to do now is to declare that she and said child are joined at the hip.
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