dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Cathy: Dead Strip Walking......

As you know, the comic strip Cathy is finally about to wind up in early October of this year. The stated reason is that Guisewite simply no longer has the time to waste covering the same ground over and again; like the typical creator of a webcomic who lets the strip slide because real-life concerns are interfering with the need to hammer away at familiar themes, she finds that she has to spend time on her own concerns and not reminding us of the four basic guilt groups. Personally, I think that the strip should have ended with the sort of "American Graffiti"-like coda Barrows used to wind up Preteena after Cathy and Irving tied the knot but that's just me thinking that this decision is at least ten years too late. Since we're at the place we are, the best we can hope for is a realization that she can no longer afford to waste her life worrying about being the obedient little girl she is half the time; this means no more worrying about her appearance, no more clutter in her life, no more tying herself in knots because she isn't living exactly like her mom does and, most importantly, no more dieting. The realization that she is fine just the way she is and doesn't need to feel guilty about anything anymore would be a nice way to say goodbye to her.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery

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