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Cathy absents herself and other depressing things.

As you've noticed, I've pointed out that Guisewite has it all over Johnston when it comes to creating a long-runner. Not only is Cathy Andrews-Hillman a less irritating human being than Elly Patterson, she leads a simpler, easier and somewhat happier life; where one really notices her superiority is how one feels now that the strip is about to cease publication. Even though Cathy and her friends are annoying company, you can't help but feel you're going to miss their absence; it's as if you knew a tiresome-but-well-meaning person who, although being a bit of a pain to be around, is someone you'd throw a going-away party for if she said she were going to move. Contrast that with how you'd have a big blowout after the Pattersons left town to celebrate their absence and you'll see that the American trailblazer is someone who'll actually be missed.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery

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