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Cathy's seasons......

There's a fact of life in the comic strip Cathy which I should touch upon before her adventures come to an end; just as we can always count on Elly Patterson to go into a flurry of unrequested activity every December, Cathy  always seems to do the same things at much the same time in the year. Since her strip began in November, let's start her seasonal cycle there:
  • It's a damned good place to start because we have the beginning of the annual tradition of gorging herself while listening to her mother alternate between complaining about her appearance and feeding her alibis to rationalize away excess; this lasts from pretty much Veteran's Day to Twelfth Night.
  • This leads us to the Valentine's Day everyplot; Cathy tries to lose weight to look hot for the insensitive clod she married. We get a few weeks of his well-meaning inability to see that she was sprucing up for his benefit clashing with her panicky reluctance to see that his insensitive-but-positive comments are his way of being appreciative.
  • We can count on that to take us to April wherein they drive their accountant bonkers by acting as if being asked to rein in their need to spend impulsively on things they don't need is a form of deprivation.
  • After they rationalize away spending like idiots, we see Cathy's annual battle with her off-kilter body image and the Universal Saleswoman as she tries to find a bathing suit that doesn't make her want to scream in revulsion. This leads into the final phase of the year.
  • Said phase is yet another crappy vacation wherein Irving goes broke trying to get a great deal and Cathy sits and pouts because she can't bring as much stuff as he does.
  • After that, of course, they waste time trying to organize their holiday snaps and before you know it, it's Columbus Day and the whole thing starts over again.
The problem, of course, is that this year, it won't; I'm not sure if Guisewite will end with some sort of game-changer or if she'll simply imply that even though we won't be in touch with the Hillmans any more, their lives will go on much the same as they always do. What I do know is that we can no longer set our clocks to the AAAAAACK standard.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery

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